ICI-24 Workshop: Design and Operation of In-house CI Centers

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How to set up and manage a CI Center to increase efficiency and "return on intelligence"

An in-house competitive/market intelligence (CI) center operates as a hub for the collection, analysis, and distribution of competitive and market intelligence. The Design and Operation of an In-House CI Center workshop by the ICI will teach you how to establish a successful CI center within your business. Learn how to effectively manage competitive/market intelligence in order to support real-time decision making and enhance your competitiveness.


  • Increased “return on intelligence” through better coordination of intelligence and co-operation with internal departments and networks.
  • Improved competitiveness through the ability to respond quickly to market and competitive developments and by avoiding costly wrong decisions.
  • A competitive/market intelligence culture within your business by establishing a CI center.
  • The opportunity to share experience and knowledge with competitive/market intelligence experts and peers from a range of industries.

Skills You Will Take Away

  • Understanding of the role that CI centers play in harnessing the value of competitive/market intelligence and enhancing competitiveness.
  • Ability to identify and satisfy the needs of the individual competitive/market intelligence user.
  • Confidence to successfully design and operate a CI center within your business by optimizing resources, design, and implementation.
  • Ability to select and implement appropriate CI software for your CI center.

Workshop Program

  • The role of the CI center.
  • Success factors and key steps for developing a CI center.
  • Co-operation with internal departments and networks.
  • Identification of the competitive/market intelligence user’s needs.
  • The importance of a competitive/market intelligence culture.
  • CI center software: different software packages, functions, and features.
  • The CI center team: selection, qualification, and career planning.

Aimed At

  • Competitive/Market Intelligence Analysts and Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Knowledge Managers

Recommended Further Reading

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Workshop Duration

One full day from 9:00 to 18:00 (meet & greet from 8:30)

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