FCCI™ - Fundamental Certificate in Competitive Intelligence

Certificate Competitive Market Intelligence Research

Proven Competitive/Market Intelligence Basics

This 10-day program incorporates the basic tools and techniques for competitive/market intelligence professionals. Through interactive workshops, experts in the field provide training on systematic and proven competitive/market intelligence approaches; planning, information research, analysis and reporting. Candidates will be able to enhance their level of productivity and master challenging competitive/market intelligence projects.


This fundamental certificate program is designed for those who are new to the field of competitive/market intelligence. Participants from areas such as market research, information management, business analysis, etc. will learn • Theory and implementation of competitive/market intelligence basics • Structuring of competitive information • Assessment and use of research resources • Application of advanced communication techniques • Fundamental competitive/market intelligence analysis methods.


10 days of fundamental competitive/market intelligence workshops + final exam (2.5 hours).


Your international instructors have extensive work experience ranging from 20 to 45 years. Benefit from the unique diversity and passion of  Rainer Michaeli, Franck Mathot, Arthur Weiss, John J. McGonagle Jr., von Glasow, Kent Potter.

Who should attend?

Beginners in the field of competitive/market intelligence, market researchers, information managers, industry and business analysts.


€5,990 / £5,500 / US$6,995 / INR192,000 / 21200 Yuan (including assignments and final exam fee)
The FCCI can be upgraded to the CPCI


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