CPCI™ - Certificate of Proficiency in Competitive Intelligence


Comprehensive, Challenging, Interactive

Excellence in competitive and market intelligence in theory and practice – is the motto of the Institute for Competitive Intelligence. This certificate is designed to help you achieve this level of excellence. The comprehensive and inspiring certificate program will accompany you from being a competitive/market intelligence beginner to a competitive/market intelligence professional. Through interactive workshops you will not only learn the basic concepts and methods of competitive/market intelligence (CI/MI), you will also be introduced to the secrets of analysis, research, strategy, and management of successful CI/MI.


The 28-day program will provide you with the most comprehensive and elitist CI/MI education in the world. By joining the program, you will obtain a portfolio of skills enabling you to excel in the challenging and complex world of CI/MI. You will not only learn the tools for expert analysis concepts, in-depth research methods, and strategy development but also gain the proficiency to build up CI/MI units and to lead complex CI/MI projects.


28 days of basic and advanced competitive/market intelligence workshops + one-day exam.

  • 10 days of basic workshops (comprising the FCCI courses)
  • 18 days of advanced workshops
  • 7 assignments
  • Preparation of a case study
  • Final exam


Benefit from the unique blend of practitioners, university lecturers, and consultants. All our faculty members are not only experts in their field, but they are also active members of the worldwide CI community. Be inspired by their passion and diversity.

Who should attend?

Competitive intelligence and market intelligence professionals, information managers, industry and business analysts, business developers, market researchers, and experts in related fields.


Next Date/Fees

  • Date: -
  • Venue: Paris, London, Frankfurt, Chicago, Bangalore, ...
  • Fee: €13,350 / £10,100 / US$15,900 / INR445,000 (excl. VAT)
    (including assignments, case study supervision, and exam fee)
  • There is no fixed date for commencing the certificate program, however we advise that you attend the basic workshops first of all.
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