Rainer Michaeli

Rainer Michaeli

ICI-1 Competitive / Market Intelligence Basics (DE/EN)
ICI-2 Personal Skills for Competitive / Market Intelligence Efficiency Excellence (DE/EN)
ICI-6 Fundamental Analysis Methods for Markets and Competitors (DE/EN)
ICI-7 Capstone Project "Competitive / Market Intelligence" (DE/EN)
ICI-20 Trade Show and Event Intelligence (DE/EN)
ICI-21 Analysis of Competitor's Strategies (DE/EN)
ICI-30 Business War Gaming (DE/EN)
ICI-31 Strategic Market Analysis & Intelligence (DE/EN)
ICI-33 Development of Dynamic Corporate Strategies (DE/EN)
ICI-37 Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving (DE/EN)

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Rainer Michaeli is an internationally recognized competitive intelligence (CI) professional. After graduating as an aeronautical engineer from the University of Brunswick, Germany, he worked as a systems and project engineer in the defense industry. Upon completion of an MBA at INSEAD, France, he worked as a Marketing Manager in the IT industry.

In 1993 Rainer Michaeli set up DIE DENKFABRIK GmbH, an international consultancy that specializes in competitive intelligence services. In 2004 he founded the Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI), a major global competitive intelligence education provider, of which he is the Managing Director. He is also an adjunct lecturer in CI at the University of Darmstadt.

In addition, Rainer Michaeli founded the leading German CI society, Deutsches Competitive Intelligence Forum, where he is a dedicated board member. In acknowledgement of his achievements in propagating competitive intelligence he has received awards such as Catalyst and Fellow from SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals), where he was a board member from 2003 to 2005.
Rainer Michaeli’s text book “Competitive Intelligence” published in 2005, achieved instant acclaim and became a Financial Times Germany TOP 3 best seller.


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