"I very much enjoyed my participation in this workshop - very well organized and valuable networking. Essence, value and process of Competitive Intelligence are a lot clearer to me now. The Dolce is a great place."

Melani Zeller, Marketing Analyst, OMRON Europe B.V.

"ICI-1 is a well organized introduction to Competitive Intelligence, covering the topic from A to Z and providing a clear overview of the limits and potential of Competitive Intelligence."

Ryuichi Hiratsuka, Siltronic AG

"As opposed to other programs that remain on an abstract level, the workshop "Scenario techniques" (ICI-22) conveys a very good understanding on how to conduct scenario techniques in a corporate environment. With the case study, time- and personnel expenditure issues are tackled as well as subtle pitfalls pointed out in vivid detail. Also very helpful is the use of scenario software. At the end of the day, one doesn't have the impression of just having listened to interesting theories and abstract examples, but of actually having learned to apply the methodology and at the same time being able to realistically judge the effort and potential pitfalls. Mr. Bill has applied scenario techniques several times with clients and accordingly is a competent moderator."

Claudia Sternberg, Voith

"This is the kind of workshop one would always wish to attend: well versed attendees from all industry sectors and a really competent faculty leader who offers the beginner an excellent overview, but also provides specialists with new insights."

Dr. Klaus Marquardt, Wacker Specialties

"The ICI course in Bad Nauheim - that means for me: Interesting and very relevant topics for my work, expertly and competently demonstrated. Thus, absolutely recommendable! "

Dr. Carsten Deus, Deus Consulting

With the ICI workshop "Analysis Methods", one can learn Porter's theories in a practical and demonstrative way - thus the know-how can be implemented directly in one's own business!"

Dr. Andre Stürzenbecher, Bayer Schering Pharma AG

"The workshop informs in a practical way on the dangers that a company can be exposed to through unknowing or negligent divulging of information. Besides the sensitization for the im­portance of the subject-matter, ways and means are shown to recognize these dangers as prospects and to use Competitive Intelligence as an aid for one's own positioning in the market. Specific procedures quickly help to establish the first steps in the development of a structured Competitive Intelligence."

Gerhard Fraune, CTcon GmbH

"Far from grey theory, this workshop is practically orientated, working with a case study. The independent developing and presenting of proposed solutions makes this workshop an intensive and entertaining experience. Interesting discussions and dialogs with the attendees excellently broadens one's CI-horizon. The workshop was a complete success and absolutely recommendable due to the professional competence of Mr. Michaeli."

Andrea Rehm-Dober, SV- Versicherungen

“ICI-1 Competitive Intelligence Basics strengthened my CI knowledge and made it clearer where my future efforts in CI should be directed. ICI-1 is a workshop that offers extremely interesting topics presented in a clear and enjoyable way."

Marco Paone, Daimler AG, Competition Research and Analysis

" Exceeded all my expectations ... Real world experiences made all the difference ... I highly recommend this class ..."

Jim Hawley, Eastman Chemical

"So much more relevant than other CI classes I have attended… The workshop effectively addressed my specific CI needs and the availability of experienced real world instructors made this workshop a really great experience!"

Meghan McLaughlin, The Collaborative Group

"The open forum ... small class size made all the difference ... The instructors knew first hand what they were teaching "

Glen Roberts, Siemens

"The workshops incorporate both a practical element as well as a theoretical element. The intensive exchanging of ideas with instructors and other workshop participants was particularly important to me." [...]

"It is both appropriate and important to reflect with experienced people outside your own company. The certificate also serves to demonstrate your expertise to other colleagues, since at the end of the course you do receive a certificate outlining the areas covered by the qualification."

Patrick Gerstlauer, SAP AG

“The workshops we attended were very good. The best part were the assignments you chose from real examples or use cases, this helped in understanding the concepts better. Also we could relate them to our day-to-day activities.”

Ruturaj Kalagate, Atos

“The ICI conference offered a good selection of different CI-related topics and a balanced mix of presentations and networking opportunities. The conference organization was excellent.”

Sylvia Geisler, Evonik Degussa GmbH

“For me the exchange of practical experience is as significant as the insight into innovative methodologies. That’s why participation at this conference is so important for me.”

Reiner Wergen, Atos Worldline

“CI Conference: build and maintain contacts; learn about new topics and benchmark your processes against your peers. In short: The art of competitive intelligence!”

Joachim A. Pach, Myllykoski Sales GmbH

"The Competitive Intelligence Basics workshop I attended has provided me with key elements to consider in my professional life. The ethical aspect of the competitive intelligence has been addressed through open discussions with the trainer but also among the participants which provided a good understanding of what could be done in an appropriate manner. The other element I have retained from this workshop is the importance of the question which is asked and what could be the evidences to support the answer. Last but not least, it is important to look for contradictory data that would confront the answer found as we have too often a natural tendency to either be satisfied with an answer we had more or less preconceived or with the first probable answer. 
Lastly, the workshop was led by a practitioner, Rainer Michaeli, who brings a lot of practical examples which help to better understand what Competitive Intelligence is all about."

Norbert Clery, Senior Consultant European Distribution, Eli Lilly and Company