Anamaria Popescu

Aurélien Blaha

ICI-26 Intelligence Mind Traps and Cognitive Biases (ENG)

Anamaria Popescu has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in competitive intelligence and counter-competitive intelligence.  She has worked as consultant and practitioner, specializing in the collection of hard-to-get-information and intelligence analysis.
Anamaria speaks 8 languages and has worked and studied in 28 countries. She studied “Psychology Pedagogy” at the Pedagogical College Buzau (ROMANIA), “International Economics” at the University of Vienna (AUSTRIA), “Intelligence Sciences” at the American Military University (USA),  and approaches issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Anamaria frequently publishes on the topic of CI implementation, psychology of intelligence analysis, and the theory of intelligence by systems. She is a mother of two demanding, yet charming daughters.
She spends the bits of time left over enjoying arts, sports, and parapsychology.