CCIM - Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Management

COmpetitive Intelligence Management - Transfer Information into Applicable Knowledge

Transfer Information into Applicable Knowledge

This program provides practical training about setting up and maintaining the infrastructure of competitive/market intelligence units and processes. Further to active competitive intelligence operations, company defense mechanisms are addressed through the concepts of counter intelligence and information warfare. The Competitive Technology Intelligence workshop focuses upon technology-oriented product and services. Finally participants will be trained to excel in the facilitation of creative and critical thinking methodologies - a must for any management function.


This challenging certificate program will enhance your competitive/market management skills. Participants from areas such as CI/MI management, security, counter intelligence, etc. will learn how to • Design and implement an in-house CI center • Identify, assess and analyze new technologies • Protect against illegal attacks on your enterprise • Develop successful strategies and information warfare models • Develop a structured critical thinking approach and tackle complex intelligence challenges.


5 days of managing competitive/market intelligence units and processes + final exam (2.5 hours)


Your international instructors have extensive work experience ranging from 20 to 45 years. Benefit from the unique diversity and passion of Ursula Teubert, Raul FătRainer Michaeli and Patrik von Glasow.

Who should attend?

Competitive/market intelligence managers, security and counter intelligence professionals, heads of business units


€3,350 / £2,995 / US$3,950 / INR99,500 (including assignments and final exam fee)


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