Beijing, China

Rainbow Hotel
No.11, Xijing Road, Xuanwu District,
100050 Beijing
Phone: +010-63012266-152


Beijing Rainbow Hotel is a joint venture theme hotel. There are services including accommodation, food and beverage, conference and entertainment in Rainbow. Rainbow lies in the Tianqiao Art industry Quarter, around which are theaters in which operas, variety shows and comic dialogues are showed. Further more the Forbidden City, Dashila, Liulichang, Heaven Temple and Xiannong Temple are all not far from Rainbow.It consists of 366 deluxe rooms of different types. There are also dinner halls of different style, conference rooms with modern facilities, advanced business center and shopping center and all kinds of entertainment facilities. And a special theater is set up in Rainbow. Rainbow is your best choice of relaxing and enjoying yourself, and it’s also the very first place to get in touch with Beijing traditional culture.

Room booking

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